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What we have been up to lately...

  • Bike lanes in HBG

    March Avenue got bike lanes painted between Healdsburg Ave and University Avenue today! Along with paint on the roads, double sided bike lane/wrong way signs have been put up along the three block stretch of road according to Mario Landeros at Healdsburg Public works. That’s not all the exciting bike news coming out of Healdsburg […]

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  • Broken traffic signals?

    Do you know of a malfunctioning traffic signal? Traffic lights should detect when a bike approaches and give you a green light. If you know of a signal that does not respond when a bicycle rolls up we want to hear about it! Sonoma County uses Loop Detectors but Santa Rosa is transitioning to something […]

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  • Jennings gets $8.6m

    California established the Active Transportation Program (ATP) in September 2013 to fund non-motorized transportation programs. Today, MTC Staff has announced their final recommendations for projects that will receive funding this year from ATP. This is a highly competitive program and only 9 out of 127 applications received funding. We are excited to announce that the Jennings […]

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