We Did It! $19K Raised for Petaluma Sebastopol Trail

Three big cheers! Thanks to your support, SCBC and our partners were able to raise a $19K matching fund to benefit the proposed Petaluma Sebastopol Trail. Regional Parks may now apply for a grant to study the feasibility of this fantastic trail project. We'll keep you posted on developments. A big thank you to these generous folks: Tom Abrams Jim Avera Erin Axelrod Creighton Bell Laura Bell Way Neil Hancock & Jenny Blaker Joanne Brion Karin & Richard Burger Roger Carillo Billie Wolff & Martin Clinton Marcia Coleman John Comeau Mark Crescione Laraine Downer Warren Dranit David Elliott Jim Fain Tom Greer Phil Grinton Rachel Hallowgrass Lissa Hanwright Ralph Harmon Alena Marr & Sam Heidecke Gary Helfrich Denise Hill Christine Hoex Timothy Hoffman Jim Horn Susan Ivey Nick Izzarelli Dia & Darrin Jenkins Jan Kahndeman Paul Larkin Bo Laurent Kit Lofroos Judi Marley Bill Mattison Matthew Mcglynn Diane McKay Carl Mears Marek Mierzwinski Steve Miller John Moise Larkin Morgan John Nagle Genevieve Navar Jess Nierenberg David Ohlsen Pat & Emile Rick Pepper, ElevenGear Maria Potter Denis Quinlan Cynthia Renfrew Dale Roberts Lisa Ruppenthal Ross Shafer Kyla Simpson Geoffrey Skinner Lowell Snyder Randon States Steve Striepeke David Strong Elaine Sussingham Rick Targow Pamela Tennant Susan Ventura Warren & Janis Watkins Philip Welch Tracy Wilson Chris York

Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition is working with citizens in Sebastopol and Petaluma to support an exciting new multi-use trail project, and we need your help!

Sonoma County Regional Parks has identified the planned Petaluma Sebastopol Trail as a priority, and is moving ahead with the project. At this time, Regional Parks is preparing to submit through CalTrans a $190,000 grant proposal that would fund a required feasibility study. Once the study is completed, the Petaluma Sebastopol Trail will be eligible to receive federal and state funds toward construction.

Imagine, a Class I (off the road, paved) multi-use pathway connecting Petaluma and Sebastopol. It'll add a safe route for transportation and recreation currently lacking in our local bicycle network. The path is planned to link up in Sebastopol with the Joe Rodota Trail -- that means a continues bike route between Santa Rosa and Petaluma; the connection to the West County Trail means a bikeway from Petaluma to Forestville. Awesome!

Sonoma County Bicycle Coaltion is so excited about this trail, that we're working with Sebastopol TrailMakers, BikeWalk Sebastopol, and citizens in Petaluma to raise the $19,000 match required by the Cal Trans grant. Will you help build this trail by making a tax-deductible contribution? As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID #: 68-0467440), Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition is receiving and acknowledging donations for this matching fund.

It's easy to donate online, here on SCBC's website: Donate to Petaluma/Sebastopol Trail

Or, download the flyer below, complete the donation form, and send it with your check by March 15, 2012 to: Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, PO Box 3088, Santa Rosa, CA 95402.

Question: What happens to my donation if Regional Parks does not get the CalTrans grant? Answer: If Regional Parks does not receive the grant in this round, it will likely apply again in the next round. In that case, we will hold your donation through that second grant cycle. If the proposal is rejected a second time, we will contact you directly to find out if you'd like for us to refund your donation, or apply it to Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition's advocacy program. Thank you for your generosity. Together, we’ll build this trail!


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