Healdsburg Council to consider Vulnerable User Ordinance May 6th

On May 6th, the Healdsburg City Council is expected to consider Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition's proposed "Vulnerable User Protection Ordinance." In February, the Council expressed interest in considering the ordinance during SCBC's informational prentation to Council. The hearing represents Healdsburg taking the next step toward becoming the next jurisdiction in Sonoma County to protect people riding bikes and walking in the north Sonoma County city.

Healdsburg is a key hub for bicycling in Sonoma County, for both local riders and tourists. Many people also enjoy Downtown Healdsburg by foot. As such, it is particularly critical for Healdsburg to protect vulnerable users. 

Now is a great time to email each Healdsburg City Council member to let them know how important the Vulnerable User Protection Ordinance is to you.

Mayor Susan Jones
Vice Mayor Jim Wood
Councilmember Tom Chambers
Councilmember Gary Plass
Councilmember Shaun McCaffrey

If you live, work, ride, or walk in Healdsburg, please plan to attend the meeting. If you wish to speak about what the ordinance means to you, please be prepared to do so. Or, you may show up and sport an orange "Protect Us All" sticker to show your support. RSVP to gary@BikeSonoma.org to let us know you'll attend.

Will Healdsburg be the next jurisdiction to adopt the Vulnerable User Protection Ordinance? You can help make it happen!