Bike Parking

One of the goals of the SCBC is to get more folks on bikes for every day transportation and recreation. However, fear of one's bicycle being stolen keeps many from using their bikes for running errands. An inexpensive fix is to make sure that there is secure and convenient bicycle parking. This is often overlooked by planners and contractors, yet it should be as important as car parking.

While providing good quality bicycle parking is fairly inexpensive, it is important that the racks meet basic standards and that installation practices are followed. A rack that is located too far from the desired destination or if it is installed too close to a wall will not be used, no matter how beautiful or well made it is.

Bike racks should have two contact points with the bicycle, be installed in a well lit area that is in plain view, preferably with shelter and close to the destination while not hindering pedestrians or motor vehicles. The SCBC prefers the inverted U rack to most others and requests that the ribbon style or any rack that supports the bicycle by one wheel not be used.

The SCBC is working with public agencies to have the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals  guidelines adopted as standard  bicycle rack installation practice.

When bike usage progresses to the next level, we can look to Europe for parking solutions.

The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition requests that the guidelines of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals [APBP] be followed when installing bicycle racks.

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