The future of bicycling is in your hands. Please support SCBC now.

Buster loves to ride... and he knows who represents his interests.

Whether you ride for fun or for transportation...

Whether you ride on roads or trails...

Whether you ride on dirt or pavement...

Whether you ride fast or slow...

Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition speaks for you!  

Keep your voice strong:
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In order to continue to represent you in your community, SCBC must raise $50,000 by December 31st. Please do your part to help make Sonoma County the best place for everyone -- you, your kids, your family, your friends -- to ride a bike.

SCBC has the expertise, the connections, and the tenacity to make good things happen for bike people. Here's a small sampling of how SCBC represents you:

  • We're working to Protect Us All. SCBC is now in the middle of a campaign to pass the Vulnerable User Protection Ordinance in the County of Sonoma and each of its nine cities. We're making progress every day toward protecting you from being harassed when you're biking and walking.
  • We're helping kids bike and walk to school. In four years, Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition’s Safe Routes to School program has provided bicycle safety and skills education to nearly 30,000 local students.
  • We're working in your community. Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition is working with governments in every corner of Sonoma County to create more, better, safer places for everyone to ride.
  • We're inspiring people to ride. Our Biker Chicks program with Supervisor Shirlee Zane is helping women get back on bikes. Our Safe Routes to School program gets kids on bikes. Our fun rides and events gets families out riding and celebrating bicycling. Our valet bicycle parking service makes it easier and more appealing for people to bike to events all over Sonoma County.
  • We're improving safety and awareness. Our Street Skills for Bike Riders program continues to teach thousands of people how to become safe, communicative, and empowered riders. In addition, we're working with partners and the media to send the message that everyone must do their part to take care of each other on the roads.
  • We're holding space and keeping watch. There's no denying that 2012 has been a difficult year in the bicycling community. SCBC has organized memorial rides and respectful demonstrations to honor those we've lost in crashes. In addition, we're following the court cases, attending hearings, and reporting back to you to make sure people who kill or injure cyclists are held accountable.

We are working hard for you, but without your generous financial support, Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition cannot be effective. Right now, please give as generously as you can. It's up to all of us to make Sonoma County the safest, friendliest place to ride a bike.  It's up to you!

Finally, if you're not yet a Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition member, please join today. Make your voice heard!

Thank you for helping Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition represent everyone who rides a bike in our beautiful community.

If you'd like to read more about how Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition is working for you download the Letter below.

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