John Cruz

John is retired and has lived in Sebastopol for 5 years. He previously worked for a software company for 30 years and before that was a particle physicist. John appreciates what a great place Sonoma County is to live and bicycle; it’s beautiful with varied landscapes and trails for everyone. He does not consider himself a hard core rider, but has ridden many of the challenging road and off-road rides. He frequently uses his bike for errands.

John knows that there is a lot to be done to make cycling easy for everyone in the County. Narrow busy roads are unsafe and no fun. The SCBC is leading trail development for long distance trails like the SMART Pathway and the Sebastopol-Petaluma Trail. John has bicycled in NJ, NYC, NY state, Wisconsin, Utah, Mexico, the Carribbean and Pennsylvania. He has a pretty good idea which bike trails work and which don’t and believes that safe and separate is the key.

The outdoors have always been very important to John. He is a long time member of the Sierra Club and Nature Conservancy. Locally, he is a member of Land Paths and The Sonoma Land Trust, as well as a former board member of Forest Unlimited. John also served on the Sebastopol Complete Streets Committee. He works with the Sebastopol Trailmakers to establish multi-use trails.

In John’s career, he gained a lot of experience working with large groups from multiple organizations with different interests and goals. His approach is building fact based consensus so complex cooperative projects can be completed. He is enthusiastic about working with the SCBC to create more bike and multi-use trails in Sonoma County.