Jennings Crossing

Location: Santa Rosa – Jennings Avenue at the SMART tracks/pathway
Issue: The possible closure of the Jennings Avenue railroad crossing poses a safety hazard to hundreds of Helen Lehman Elementary school children. Families  who live in the development East of Dutton crossed at Jennings to get to school. Because their crossing has been eliminated, they can no longer easily & safely walk or bicycle to/from school. If kids do choose to walk, their safety is compromised because they are forced to walk on much busier streets and cross busier crossings – plus the actual walking route is over a mile longer from door to door if taking the Guerneville route.
What the Coalition is doing: Keep the Jennings crossing open.
Status: Waiting for the City’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR).
How you can help: Nothing to do until the EIR is released for public comment.
Last Updated: 7/8/14


Wright Road Gas Station

Location: Wright Road and the Joe Rodota Trail, Santa Rosa
Issue: A proposed gas station and market threaten to re route the pathway and cause an additional 3,000 car trips across the path of those using the Joe Rodota Trail.
What the Coalition is doing: The Coalition is working to get a signalized crossing installed so that trail users will have a safe and protected way to get across S. Wright road.
Status: We are working with Regional Parks to make sure they do not issue a permit until further studies have been done to ensure there will be no safety impacts to bicyclists and pedestrians.
How you can help: Join the Coalition! Make our voice stronger.
Last Updated: 5/29/14


Mark West Quarry Expansion

Location: Mark West Springs, Porter Creek, and Petrified Forest roads, Sonoma County
Issue: The expansion to Mark West Quarry could add 37 to 59 truck trips a day on Mark West Springs, Porter Creek and Petrified Forest roads which are frequented by people traveling by bicycle Mark West Springs, Porter Creek and Petrified Forest roads.
What the Coalition is doing: Negotiating with Mark West Quarry and the County to ensure that these roads are a safe as possible for people on bicycles.
Status: Done. $2.5 million worth of road improvements are headed this way! Also, the roads will be swept vegetation will be removed 4 times a year. Planned improvements can be seen here: Mark West Quarry Road Improvement Location Map
How you can help: Send a thank you to BoDean.
Last Updated: 4/24/14


SMART Pathway Phase 1

Location: Sonoma County, Petaluma, Cotati, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa
Issue: The 70 mile long Class I bike path that will parallel the SMART train is eagerly awaited by the cycling community.
What the Coalition is doing: Working with SMART, Caltrans, Regional Parks, the County and Cities, etc. to ensure that the pathway is built as soon as possible.
Status: Constant engagement with SMART.
How you can help: Thank Supervisor Shirlee Zane for recovering the redevelopment money from the State for the 3rd to Hearn (Santa Rosa) pathway section.
Last Updated: 7/7/14w


Occidental Road Gas Station

Location: Occidental Road at HWY 116
Issue: Proposed construction on the current lot will significantly increase car traffic crossing the bike path. The traffic study done did not include bicycle or pedestrians research even though the project is adjacent to West County Trail.
What the Coalition is doing: We are working with Sonoma County PRMD to condition the project to eliminate safety impacts to people riding bicycles through this area. We are working with Regional Parks to complete a bike path along Occidental Road instead of the current bike lane.
Status: Done. Study has been completed.
How you can help: Thank Tennis Wick and Carol Hart at Regional Parks
Last Updated: 7/7/14


Petaluma Sebastopol Trail

Location:between Petaluma and Sebastopol approximately along HWY 116
Issue: We need to find they money (about $250k) to do a feasibility study. The County will apply for a grant. That grant will need a match.
What the Coalition is doing: When the County is awarded a grant the Coalition will be able to provide the match.
Status: This project is in all the right plans, it just needs to be funded. This grant is awarded every other year. The next opportunity will be in 2015.
How you can help: We will need your letters of support when when the next round of applications is due. Subscribe to our newsletters to stay in the loop.
Last Updated: 7/1/14


Sonoma Valley Trail

Location: Agua Caliente Road to Melita Road paralleling Highway 12, Sonoma County
Issue: The proposed bike path connecting Sonoma to Santa Rosa just received almost $200,000 in grant money. Let’s build a trail!
What the Coalition is doing: Helping find funding and partnering with Regional Parks and Sonoma County Water Agency.
Status: Studies are underway. Construction cannot begin until these studies are completed.
How you can help: Thank Regional Parks for pushing this project forward.
Last Updated: 6/24/14


Vulnerable User Ordinance

Location: Sonoma, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, Cloverdale
Issue: This Ordinance will provide increased protection to our roads most vulnerable users. People choosing to take to the road by foot or by bike will be better able to defend themselves from threats and harassment if this ordinance is passed.
What the Coalition is doing: The ordinance has been signed into law by the County, Sebastopol and Santa Rosa! Unfortunately Windsor and Healdsburg chose not to adopt the ordinance. The Coalition will be bringing the ordinance to Sonoma, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Cotati, and Cloverdale soon.
Status: Assemblymember Marc Levine has introduced AB 2398 which amends the CVC to make injuring a vulnerable user a criminal offense.
How you can help: Write Marc Levine and tell him that you support his legislation.
Last Updated: 6/24/14


HWY 1 Bypass

Location: Gleason Beach (5 miles north of Bodega)
Issue: HWY 1 is rapidly falling into the ocean and Caltrans has decided to move HWY 1 inland.
What the Coalition is doing: Our goal is to see the old road converted into a part of the Coastal Trail, similar to the Devil’s Slide project in Pacifica. We are also working with the County to make sure that Caltrans puts full bike lanes on the new bypass road.
Status: Caltrans is still in the scoping phase meaning there is still time for public input. However the project is on hold.
How you can help:
Last Updated: 7/3/14


Roseland Creek Trail

Location: Roseland, Santa Rosa
Issue:  This underserved neighborhood will really benefit from a bike path since much of the are does not even have sidewalks. part of this trail passes through Tiger Salamander territory so additional studies need to be done.
What the Coalition is doing: We have partnered with the Leadership Institute to work with the City of Santa Rosa to finish the studies.
Status: Studies are underway.
How you can help: Tell Supervisor Efren Carillo you want to see this project funded.
Last Updated: 6/24/14