Create Unresponsive Signal Report

Thank you for taking the time to be a part of Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition's efforts to make Sonoma County a great place to ride!

Use this form to report traffic signals which are unresponsive to cyclists in Sonoma County, California. In order to test if a signal is unresponsive, you must wait at the signal, with no car behind you, for a full cycle of the traffic light. If a car approaches behind you (or in a neighboring lane going the same direction) you will not be able to test if the signal is responsive to cyclists.

When waiting at a signal position your bicycle over the cyclist icon, lining your wheels over the two heavy white lines and wait for about 20 seconds after cross traffic has stopped, or up to 3 minutes if traffic on the cross street is heavy.

If you have done all of that and the signal still has not turned green for you please fill out this form and we will pass it on to the appropriate agency.

Keep in mind that in some cases it can be very difficult to get sensors to work for all users.

Traffic signals often operate differently by time of day and day of the week. The more of the following information you can provide, the better the chance of improvement.

We ask for your name and contact information in case we need to contact you for more information. Also, we will let you know about any response we get from the responsible jurisdiction.

Please take the time to make your report accurate. We cannot pass on a report unless the location and problem are both described clearly.

While we will do our best to get your report to the responsible agency and many of these agencies do their best to follow up in a timely manner, please understand that filling out this form is no guarantee that the signal will be fixed.


If you wish to supply your own latitude and longitude, you may enter them above. If you leave these fields blank, the system will attempt to determine a latitude and longitude for you from the entered address. To have the system recalculate your location from the address, for example if you change the address, delete the values for these fields.
You may set the location by clicking on the map, or dragging the location marker. To clear the location and cause it to be recalculated, click on the marker.
The material your bike is made out of can influence signal detection. If you are able to supply information about what your bicycle is made out of it may help us trouble shoot signal problems. If your frame has tubes of two different materials, such as steel and carbon, check both boxes.

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