2024 Bike Advocate of the Year: Deb Fox

Deb Fox, Co-Founder and Director of Collaborations & Operations for the climate organization Cool Petaluma, is a champion of getting more people on bikes. Her grassroots efforts have taken off this year as she has worked to make it safer for kids to bike to school and built enthusiasm for the city’s First Friday at Five community rides. She herself is a committed bike commuter (look for the foxtail on the back of her bike), and an energetic, optimistic force for building coalitions and fostering change. Her strength as an advocate is in building visibility for cyclists, and persuading the community to think about how they can incorporate riding bikes into their own daily routines.

SCBC Safe Routes to School Director Christina Panza says, “Deb is a huge support for the Petaluma Safe Routes to School Task Force – she’s has been instrumental in planning, has been to every meeting, takes notes every month, and more. She organized multi-leg bike train to Live Oak School for Bike to School Day, and supported the formation of bike trains to Mary Collins at Cherry Valley and to Grant Elementary School.  She also developed a Bike Train Map that highlighted all the bike trains that were formed in Petaluma for Bike to School Day, not just the ones she organized, but those organized by SRTS staff or parents – she put it all together on one map.  The map was shared with elected officials, law enforcement, city staff, and community members.”

Active transportation is integrated into Cool Petaluma’s model for addressing the climate crisis. “What you buy and how you get around are the most important individual actions you can take for the planet,” says Deb. We heartily agree.