2024 Bike Friendly Business Award: Sonoma County Clean Commute Program

In 2019, Sonoma County launched a Clean Commute Employee Benefit Program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. The program is administered by the Climate Action and Resiliency Division. Current benefits available to the 4,000 eligible fulltime employees include free transit passes, and those who use a train, bus, carpool, bike or walk to work at least 48 days in a six-month period (an average of 2 days/week) receive a $100 subsidy. Employees use an online TripTracker to log their commute days or find a carpool; the system also automatically calculates the amount of money saved, calories burned, and CO2 emissions reduced. Free bike lockers and EV chargers are available on the County campus. In the first three months of 2024, County employees took 1100 bicycle trips, 397 transit trips, and 2391 carpool trips.

As the largest employer in Sonoma County, this program offers an example we hope other businesses and agencies will emulate.