About Us

Our mission: the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition promotes healthy and safe riding for everyone through advocacy and education.

Our vision: riding a bicycle becomes an everyday activity for transportation, recreation and exercise throughout Sonoma County for everyone. Bicycling is considered a standard form of transportation by local governments and safe transportation options for bicycle riders are always included in decision-making. As a result, the people of Sonoma County enjoy healthier lifestyles, a cleaner environment and safe cycling choices.

Read our 2021-2023 Strategic Plan or download our 2021 Annual Report.


ERIS WEAVER, Executive Director
JANIS SNYDER, Office Manager
CHRISTINA PANZA, Education and Safe Routes to School Director
MICHELLE NIKOLAYEW, Safe Routes to School Education Program Manager, League of American Bicyclist Cycling Instructor #3910
SARAH HADLER, Safe Routes to School Coordinator, League of American Bicyclist Cycling Instructor #3909
CINDY O’GRADY, Safe Routes to School Educator, League of American Bicyclist Cycling Instructor #5375
DANIELLE PEARL MCELWEE, Safe Routes to School Educator
CHERIE BARNETT, Outreach & Event Coordinator

Board of Directors

  • Jenny Bard, President
  • Thea Hensel, Vice President
  • Barbara Phillips, Treasurer
  • Jestin Brooks, Secretary
  • Lisa Watson
  • Mike Lipelt
  • Zeno Swijtink
  • David Williams
  • Steve Saxe

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