Board of Directors

Meet our current Board: a dedicated group of community leaders helping to make Sonoma County a great place to ride!

  • Jenny Bard, President
  • Thea Hensel, Vice President
  • Barbara Phillips, Treasurer
  • Jestin Brooks, Secretary
  • Mike Lipelt
  • Zeno Swijtink
  • Steve Saxe
  • David Williams

The Board meets at 5:30 pm on the second Monday of the month at REI.

The Board of Directors has three primary roles:

  • Fundraising: Fundraising is the most important responsibility of a board member. Board members are expected use their connections to spur interest in and support of the organization they serve. Board fundraising activities may include major donor solicitations, sponsorship solicitations, membership recruitment, and efforts to boost event registrations.
  • Oversight of Programs: The board is responsible for general oversight of the organization’s programs. This role does not extend to the operations behind the programs, but does include fiduciary oversight.
  • Strategic Planning : The board is the primary force behind the organization’s strategic planning decisions. Board members create/ update the strategic plan and evaluate the implementation plan presented by staff.

A Board member is expected to: 

  • Attend and actively participate in Board meetings as well as any Board committee meetings as assigned.
  • To participate in an annual one-day Board retreat to address strategic planning issues.
  • To serve as ambassadors of the Bike Coalition and work to actively promote its values through proactive interactions with the public.

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updated 05/25/2023