Advocacy Update, March 23-27

Sonoma County’s Shelter in Place (SIP) order, issued March 17, was followed March 23rd by an order closing ALL parks in Sonoma County: county, city, state.  The park closure further stated that “Paved multi-use pathways outside of park boundaries remain open except to bicycles and horses.” While we understand the need for social distancing to reduce COVID-19 transmission, closing certain public spaces for certain classes of users feels inappropriate.  It sends the message that bicyclists are the problem, when the problem is that more people want to be on this narrow paths than can be accomodated and still maintain six feet of social distance. Read our letter to Health Officer Dr. Sundari Mase, the Board of Supervisors, and Regional Parks Director Bert Whitaker here.  Send your own message to Mr. Whitaker here.

While most of the Bay Area jurisdictions recognize bicycle repair as an essential service during SIP, many other parts of the state do not. Click here to sign the California Bicycle Coalition’s petition to California Public Health Officer Dr. Sonia Angell to extend this recognition state-wide.