Alexander Mallonee

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alexander A long time ago my introduction to cycling was a launch from the top of a hill – a really huge, unbelievably big, big hill, at least it seemed that way at the time. I survived. I joined the Coalition, also a long time ago, to support its goal of making the County a safer place to ride a bike. It has made many positive changes: our three year old grandson is a confident strider rider. It’s important to us to that his education continues.

I’ve lived in Sonoma County since 1976. My wife and I moved to Santa Rosa in 1980, three weeks before our daughter was born. A son followed two years later.  Now we have three grandchildren (how did that happen?). We are very fortunate that they all live in Santa Rosa.

While working, I was fortunate to be able to commute to work via bike; truth be told it was a short ride. I was a letter carrier is Santa Rosa. I also worked for the National Association of Letter Carriers and the North Bay Labor Council. I have a BA from Fordham University and an MA from SF State. In addition  to my work with the Bicycle Coalition, I serve on the Burbank Housing Board of Directors, the City of Santa Rosa Personnel Board, and I am a  tutor with the Sonoma County Library’s literacy program.