Bicycle Lending Library

The Bicycle Coalition maintains a fleet of trailers and bicycles that Coalition members can borrow for free for a week at a time. First priority goes to Coalition volunteers.  We ask that you give us one week’s notice before the date you would like to borrow any of our equipment.

Current members can reserve one of these trailers with our handy reservation form that is at the bottom of this page.

Not a member? Become one today! When borrowing Coalition gear you will be asked to sign a statement that you are financially responsible for the item and all its parts should it be damaged while under your care.

Our Lending Library Fleet:

Bob trailer

Bob Trailer – Yak

Cargo area: 25″ x 16″ x 18″
Capacity: up to 70 lbs
Hitch: rear wheel using the BOB Quick Release system. Not compatible with 12mm through-axles


trailer bike

Trailer Bike

The Novarra Afterburner 2.0 easily and securely mounts to the seatpost of an adult bike; the sturdy hitch adapts to a wide range of seatpost diameters.
It also adjusts easily to offer comfort and a good fit for kids of various sizes. A full-length chainguard helps keep kids and their clothing clean and out of the chain. For more fun, kids can pedal along at their leisure without hindering the adult pace; large platform pedals make it easy for small feet to stay in place. Includes bright orange safety flag and rod, increasing the visibility of you and your small rider.
Please note: 75 lbs. max. weight capacity; measures approximately 53 in. long when folded, 74 in. when unfolded

bikes at work

Yuba Boda Boda

Cargo area: bread basket, pannier
Capacity: 220 pounds in addition to the rider
Add ons: Soft Spot, ring


bikes at work

Yuba Mundo — cargo hauler

Cargo area: two huge panniers in back plus rear rack
Capacity: 440 pounds
Add ons: dynamo lighting in front and rear plus a towing tray


orange crush

Orange Crush box trailer

Cargo area: 65″L x 23″H x 32″W
Capacity: up to 500 lbs
Hitch: Due to the large capacity this trailer comes with a bike to haul it. (Call for special arrangements for the use of this trailer as it is in storage.)


balance bike

Novara Zipper Balance Bike

Balance bikes help young ones develop their balance and bike handling skills in an easy, fun and zippy way.
Without pedals or training wheels, a child starts by walking the Zipper along slowly, then rolling along and learning how to balance.
As kids develop their handling skills and balance, they can coast farther with their feet off the ground.
Braking is simple: kids just put their feet down on the ground and slow themselves with their feet.
This balance bike has a recommended maximum rider weight of 60 lbs.
Please note: the bike has a minimum standover height of 17.25 in., which means that the child’s inseam must be a minimum of 17.25 in. long.

bikes at work

Yuba Mundo — kid hauler

Cargo area: “bread basket” in front and rear rack
Capacity: 440 pounds
Add ons: monkey bars and peanut shell



Bike Friday Haul-a-Day

Cargo area: “bread basket,” rear rack with panniers, Monkey bars, detachable baby seat
Capacity: 400 pounds
Benefits: Bike Friday Haul-a-Day is handmade in Eugene, Oregon and was put together by our very own Street Skills Instructor Sarah Hadler! It features a low step-through height which is easy to get on or off the bike. The frame can be lengthened or shortened to fit riders from 4 ft. 6 inch to 6 ft. 4. inch. The Haul-a-Day is light weight, easy to maneuver with its 8 gears, front and rear disc brakes, rear rack, saddle bags, mountain bike style handle bars that allows for comfort and a sturdy feel.
Must be picked up at
512 Wilson Street | Santa Rosa Ca 95401
Call toll free at 855.483.3732 or email
Reserve online here.  Enter ‘Apply Promo Code’ = ‘bikesonoma’ to waive all costs.  



Burley ‘Encore’ Child Trailer

Seating/Cargo Area: Seating capacity is 2 toddlers or one larger child. Can also be used for cargo.
Capacity: 100 pounds maximum
Benefits: The Burley Encore Trailer attaches easily and converts to a stroller when you arrive at your destination! Safe, durable, visible, convenient — Burley sets the standard for child trailers around the world! (Burley trailers are intended for children old enough to sit upright unattended while wearing a helmet. Your child must have adequate neck strength to hold his/her head up while trailering, usually between 9 and 14 months old. Check with your pediatrician if you are unsure about your child’s development. We recommend restricting your travel while towing a child to Class 1 Bike Paths only.)
Must be picked up at
512 Wilson Street | Santa Rosa Ca 95401
Call toll free at 855.483.3732 or email
Reserve online here  Enter ‘Apply Promo Code’ = ‘bikesonoma’ to waive all costs


bikes at work

Bikes at Work flat bed trailer

Cargo area: 66″L x 30″H
Capacity: up to 300 lbs
Hitch: Chain stay. Will not work for bicycles with disc brakes.


BBQ bike

The World’s Most Expensive BBQ Bike

Reserved exclusively for members at the $50,000 level this custom Sycip Bicycle includes everything you need for a picnic including BBQ, panniers for beer and ice, a cutting board on the rear rack, a frame-mounted knife and bottle opener. Pedal to the Sonoma County park of your choice and a tutu-clad Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Gary Helfrich will meet you with all the fixings for a picnic lunch for you and your friends. Your membership will help give helmets to kids, pave bike paths, and further the mission of the Coalition. Membership at this level includes sponsor and rockstar status.
Please note: the bike has an electric assist should you so choose to picnic atop, say, Pine Flat.

bike box

Yuba Boda Boda

Cargo area: bread basket, pannier
Capacity: 220 pounds in addition to the rider
Add ons: Soft Spot, ring