Sonoma City Council Candidates 2020

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition cannot endorse candidates for public office, but we are able to share information so that you can arrive at your own conclusion. Below are Sonoma City Council candidates’ responses to our questionnaire on bicycling in Sonoma County. We have made no content changes. Thanks to the candidates for their time and thoughtful answers!

 Note: None of the Sonoma candidates  are current members of the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition.


Do you ride a bicycle in Sonoma County for transportation or recreation? How would you characterize the experience of cycling in your city?

Growing up in mainland China riding bicycles was an essential tool, everyday I rode bicycles everywhere I went. It is a practice that has helped instill good health for the rest of my life.  Before I came to America and studied in graduate school I would ride my bike from my home 30 miles away to attend college in a different city from where I lived.  Biking is an essential part of society that promotes health, green transportation and freedom for our citizens to go from point A to point B. Sonoma is a beautiful town that many, including myself, enjoy viewing and exploring through cycling. I intend from day one to create legislation and programs that reduce vehicle traffic in our downtown area and promote cycling and other green transportation methods.

What are your city’s biggest transportation challenges, and how does bicycling fit into your vision of future development?

 One of our cities biggest challenges it faces is congestion in the square. Offering safe spaces for cyclists to ride and more bicycle rental stations will help reduce car congestion. Beyond that, one of the most important pillars of my campaign is actively combating climate change by transitioning our transportation system to green energy. Supporting and encouraging use of bicycles is a great way to meet this goal.

 If elected, what will you do to encourage more people in your city to bicycle and to improve cycling safety?

 If elected I will work to install more bicycle rental stations in and around Sonoma, particularly near the square to create a convenient option for tourists and our local workforce. We can work with local wine country tour businesses to promote cycling tours around our local wineries and in town. In addition to encouraging the use of bicycles I intend to actively discourage use of gas vehicles in Sonoma, most recently I actively voted against Amazons attempt to open a last-mile delivery station in Sonoma that came with a massive increase in vehicle traffic and even affecting near downtown Sonoma. We must look forward to our transition to green transportation and where better to start then promoting use of bicycles and supporting our existing cycling community.

Our dreams and goals generally exceed our budgets. How does improving bicycling infrastructure and safety rank against your other policy priorities?

Today, in this exact moment, our town and surrounding communities are actively threatened by Climate Change induced Catastrophic Wildfires. Combating Climate Change is the most pressing issue of our time, we must be active now and we cannot wait any longer to make changes. Supporting bicycling infrastructure and other green energy methods are absolutely essential to us meeting our goals and is a turn key solution to meeting our transportation needs in Sonoma. As city councilman I intend to make these transitions a top priority starting from the first day I take office.


Has not submitted a statement. In a phone conversation, she stated that since the election is uncontested (there are two candidates for two vacancies) she is NOT running a campaign, nor would she answer any questionnaires.