Did your New Year’s Resolutions include more exercise, more time outdoors, losing weight, more time with family? Bike2it!

Are you concerned about climate change and looking for ways to decrease your carbon footprint? Bike2it!

Transportation is one of our biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. 30% of trips in Sonoma County are two miles or less – a distance even most beginning riders can do in fifteen minutes or so. If your destination is within 2 miles – Bike2it!


April Challenge: Destination Fun! 

We all know when the fun begins: that moment when you kick off and the breeze picks up your hair, the sun brings a warm hue to the day and you revert back to a tenyearold riding around the neighborhood with the freedom of the world at your pedals and a destination in mind.  

For the Bike2it! April challenge we want to know: What is that destination?  

  • Top of a mountain?  
  • A local park? 
  • A library or museum? 
  • A friend’s house? 
  • Favorite coffee shop or bakery? 
  • Outdoor patio lunch spot? 
  • Beer garden?

Tell us your what favorite “Destination Fun” places are here in Sonoma County! Share them on Instagram (#bike2it!), or post them in our Bike2it! Facebook group.  

At the end of April we will compile a list of all the Destination Fun entries and everyone who submits an entry will be entered into a prize drawing!  

Step One: Calculate your two mile radius

  • Using a paper map: Find the scale (usually near the North arrow) and use a compass or piece of string to draw a two mile circle with your home or workplace at the center. (Sign up for the Bike2it! challenge to receive a free bike map and radius calculator!)
  • Online: Search your address using the Map Radius Calculator.  Click on “Draw a Circle.” Put the cursor on your home or workplace and drag it out to draw a two mile circle. (You might have to zoom out to get two miles.) Download and/or print your map.


Note: if you are a real beginner cyclist or out of shape, start with a smaller circle; if you want more of a challenge, draw a bigger one. It’s all up to you!

Step Two: Identify your destinations

On your map, mark your most common destinations: grocery store, bank, park, school, work, bus stop, train station, post office, library, restaurants, bakery, etc.  How many of them are in your circle?

Step Three: Pledge to ride instead of drive to destinations within your circle

Step Four: Tally your rides

Download the tally sheet to record your rides for March challenge! You’ll accumulate points  each time you ride, bring a friend along, or when a friend signs up for the challenge. You’ll lose points for driving. Prizes for those with the most points!

(The tally sheet is a fillable PDF form; you can print it out and hand record items, or save it to your computer and do it digitally.)

Step Five: Share the fun

Encourage your family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers to take the Bike2it! pledge. Share photos of yourself and your destinations on your own social media (#bike2it!) and/or post on our Facebook group page.