2023 Board Election

Our Annual  Board of Directors election will be conducted online. All current members will receive an email with a link to the ballot, and voting will be open from January 12 through January 19 and the results announced January 20. Candidates got a chance to speak at our virtual Annual Meeting on January 12; we recorded that program and it’s available here for those of you who couldn’t attend at that time.

Our bylaws call for a minimum of seven and a maximum of eleven Directors on the Board. There are five Directors currently serving, so this election may seat between two and six candidates.

To win a seat on the Board, a candidate must receive a majority (half + 1) of all votes cast. (e.g. if 200 members vote, a winning candidate must receive a minimum of 101 votes)

All candidates (including any write-ins) must have been members of SCBC for at least one year.

Candidate Statements

Jenny Bard (incumbent)

Why do you want to serve on the SCBC Board? What makes our mission meaningful to you? I can think of no other mission as critical as helping people feel safe riding a bicycle. Bike riding is such a simple pleasure and also happens to be the healthiest, least expensive and most climate friendly form of transportation available to us. And yet, the sad truth is that the majority of people don’t feel safe on a bike.

I look at other cities and see the investments they are making in bicycle-friendly infrastructure. There is broad recognition that protected bicycle lanes are essential for people to feel safe on a bicycle. We need to build them quickly, and at the scale of the climate crisis we are facing. SCBC is the leading organization pushing for safer and more accessible bicycle networks for all, while advocating for the needs of bicycle riders day in and day out. The mission is so important to our community and future generations — this is where I want to spend my time.

Have you ever served on a nonprofit board? What is your relevant background experience? I have been a board member for eight years and was elected president last year.

I retired in 2021 from the American Lung Association after 24 years, where I served in many roles including fundraising director, and most recently in clean air advocacy working with health professionals to support strong clean air and climate rules. So I have a lot of experience with nonprofit organizations which I can put to work at SCBC.

I also served on the City of Santa Rosa’s first Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board and organized community support for bike lanes on Mendocino Avenue which became a reality in 2011. I learned a lot from that experience and have realized that most people will not use them because they don’t feel safe riding next to traffic. Protected bicycle lanes are the best way to get more people out riding and that’s what I will be advocating for.

I am extremely grateful for our executive director Eris Weaver and the amazing staff who power and lead the important work we do. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their passion for and commitment to our mission.

What skills, resources and connections will you bring to the Board? Having worked for a nonprofit organization, I understand the importance of fundraising and putting organizational systems in place to be successful. It’s important to continually think about how we can be a more effective organization and how we can make an even greater impact. It’s been a privilege to serve on the board and I have been fortunate to work with great board members, staff and volunteers.

I would like to especially thank our coalition members who make our work possible. We have much to be proud of and appreciate your continued investment in our mission. As always, we welcome your suggestions, ideas and concerns. Help us dream big.

Jestin Brooks

Why do you want to serve on the SCBC Board? What makes our mission meaningful to you? I have been involved in bike advocacy in Petaluma for almost 5 years and appreciate the work that SCBC does. I have been a cyclist my whole life and have done all kinds of riding from racing mountain bikes to touring and commuting. Once I had kids I started to realize how unsafe a lot of the road conditions are. My hope is that we can get to a place where bikes are a safe option for transportation for most of Sonoma County.

Have you ever served on a nonprofit board? What is your relevant background experience? I don’t have experience on a nonprofit board but I have been one of the organizers of Bike Petaluma for a few years. As a part of Bike Petaluma I have organized events (Screening the documentary Motherload, bike costume parades, and bike decorating at cyclovia), participated in city meetings and planning sessions, and also co-lead a monthly community bike ride.

What skills, resources and connections will you bring to the Board?  Through bike advocacy and various bike events I have gotten to know a lot of people in the Petaluma cycling community. I would like to bring the perspective of Petaluma cyclists to the board as well as promoting SCBC in Petaluma. I enjoy connecting with the community and hearing what would make their biking lives easier.

Steve Saxe

Why do you want to serve on the SCBC Board? What makes our mission meaningful to you? I believe in the physical, emotional, and environmental benefits of cycling. I am a regular recreational cyclist and President of the 1,000-member Santa Rosa Cycling Club (SRCC), a longstanding partner and faithful supporter of SCBC. While our club is primarily recreational and social, part of our mission is cycling advocacy, for which we partner with SCBC. SRCC has an age demographic that skews to the right and a fairly pale color demographic (was that diplomatic enough?), so we are always looking to recruit younger and more diverse members. As we talk with prospective members, one of the top reasons they give for not getting on their bikes more – and joining the club – is that they don’t feel safe on the roads in the presence of motor traffic. SCBC’s mission to improve the world (and Sonoma County) for people on bikes is one that I can fully endorse!

Have you ever served on a nonprofit board? What is your relevant background experience? I was a corporate people and project manager for over 35 years before I retired in 2021. In my management roles, I learned a lot about building teams, sharing a common goal, focusing on things that matter, and managing a wide variety of humans, as well as navigating up, down, and across organizations. My management style heavily emphasizes consensus-building, constructive candor, listening carefully, and getting the job done. As President of a large nonprofit club for the past three years, I have learned how to navigate the differences between commercial-corporate and volunteer management, as well.

I am a very structured thinker who can express himself clearly and concisely. I can help guide conversations about difficult issues in constructive directions and help reach conclusions. I can help craft engaging and persuasive language for proposals, articles, letters, talks, and marketing materials. I am closely connected to the 1,000+ members of SRCC, who share the passion for cycling and advocacy. I am computer- and tech-savvy, although I hope not to depend too much on that for my contributions to SCBC!

David Williams

Why do you want to serve on the SCBC Board? What makes our mission meaningful to you? I’ve given back my entire adult life. Now, after retiring from full-time employment as of 6 May ’22, I’m ready to give back more.

But where?

Where it makes a difference. Where it improves the community and the people who live in that community. Where it contributes to healthier minds, bodies and environment. Where it can bring smiles to the faces of many people. Where it can be a win-win for all.

I believe the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition to be such an instrument of good.

I am a committed cyclist. In 2022 I rode 4,330 miles on the rural roadways of Sonoma County. Over the past 10 years I have ridden nearly 30,000 miles. Along those many miles of smiles I have encountered and spoken with fellow bikers, and listened to their likes and dislikes of the local biking environment. I have also taken part in many organized rides: Levi’s Fondo, Fuzz, Giro Bello, Wine Country Century, Fox … In each I’ve learned and met riders from far beyond Sonoma County.

I am able and ready to put my decade-plus of local biking to help this organization.

Have you ever served on a nonprofit board? What is your relevant background experience? I currently sit on the Supervisory Board of Community First Credit Union, a non-profit financial cooperative. Further, as an executive at two local financial organizations over the past 28 years, I reported to their respective boards. Lastly, as the community liaison on behalf of my most recent former employer, I was responsible for corporate giving to non-profits, which meant I got to know the chairperson and/or board members at several non-profits. 

I have been charge of marketing and corporate communications for Community First Credit Union, North American Mortgage Company, The Prudential Property Company and Northstar-at-Tahoe –– an uninterrupted 40-year span. I can help Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition articulate its messaging to different audiences: members, public, agencies, local companies with charitable giving, etc. We need to tell people about our better mousetrap.

What skills, resources and connections will you bring to the Board? At my last job, I was responsible for Human Resources, Training and Marketing. The first two are, essentially, internal communications; the last external communications. I can synthesize somewhat complex ideas into lay terms that emphasize the benefits, benefits, benefits to all.