2021 Board Election

COVID-19 prevents us from having our Annual Member Meeting and Board election in the usual manner, so we will be conducting our 2021 election online. All current members will receive an email with a link to the ballot, and voting will be open from January 4 through January 10 and the results announced on January 11. There will be a Zoom “town hall” meeting on Friday January 8 for folks to meet the candidates and ask them questions. (You can also access our 2020 Annual Report here.)

Our bylaws call for a minimum of seven and a maximum of eleven Directors on the Board. There are four Directors currently serving, so this election may seat between three and seven candidates.

To win a seat on the Board, a candidate must receive a majority (half + 1) of all votes cast. (e.g. if 200 members vote, a winning candidate must receive a minimum of 101 votes)

All candidates (including any write-ins) must have been members of SCBC for at least one year.

Candidate Statements

Alexander  Mallonee

I’ve been on the Coalition Board since 2015. I have been proud to serve as President of the Board for the past four years year.

As you well know the last year has been a real challenge for us all.

The Board sets the goals for the Coalition, but it is the Executive Director and the staff that carry out those goals. I want to recognize, and thank, Eris for her creative and inspired ability to adapt and meet the totally unexpected and unique challenges of 2020.   Thanks too, are due Tina, who has had to pivot to the new reality in the Safe Routes to School program, and to all the SCBC staff for their flexibility and dedication.

It is because of them that the Coalition is still going strong, even as much uncertainty remains.

I am asking for your vote so that I may continue to work with these dedicated staff and the Board to keep the Bike Coalition strong in 2021 and beyond.

Jenny Bard

Cycling is a big part of my life, for both recreation and transportation. As manager of health partnerships for the American Lung Association in California, I work with health organizations and medical and health professionals to support strong clean air and climate policies, including promoting cycling for clean air and healthy lungs. My interest in cycling began 25 years ago while organizing fundraising bike rides for the Lung Association (Two Rock N Roll and Breathe Easy Ride) and partnering with the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition to support the ride. My involvement in cycling and the coalition’s mission grew from there. I served on the City of Santa Rosa’s first Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee for two and half years and organized community support to advocate for bike lanes on Mendocino Avenue which became a reality in 2011. One of my goals on the board is to ensure the long-promised “Community Connector” – a bicycle and pedestrian Highway 101 overpass – becomes a reality. I also would like to see the traffic light at Humboldt Street and College reprogrammed to default immediately to cyclists.

I am a proud grandmother of four grandchildren and have introduced all of them to bicycling via my two-seater bike trailer.

John Murphy

no statement submitted