Cathy Balach

I’m keen to be on the board for the Sonoma County Bike Coalition. I’ve been involved with boards and nonprofits, but bicycling is my passion, and I’m eager to spend more time with something I feel strongly about. Getting more people bicycling – and bicycling safely – is something that resonates with me, and good roads, accessibility, and improvements to cycling infrastructure, I feel are important for a healthy cycling community.

Cycling is a passion I discovered later in life and until recently, I have often focused my work efforts on pursuits different to my personal desire for a healthy lifestyle. Work was “work”, and I only pursued the things I enjoyed in rare fits and spurts on the weekends. The opportunity to match my enthusiasm for cycling with my work skills opens many possibilities I previously would have missed.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Accounting, as well as a Master’s in Business with an emphasis on Marketing. I am self-employed, with my focus primarily on two things: (1) marketing and management consulting for education and nonprofits, and (2) working with entrepreneurs and start-ups regarding strategy and planning.

One of the greatest benefits to me of moving to the area has been a lifestyle that includes bicycling as a much bigger part of my life. I’ve led Biker Chicks rides for several years (and manage the Biker Chicks webpage on the coalition’s website), guided local bike tours, and was the Event Director for the Tour de Fuzz (growing it from 100+/- riders to its year-after-year sellout of 1,300 riders).