Report Hazards

The squeaky wheel gets the grease…but ONLY if the person who actually HAS THE GREASE hears it!

As we cycle our local city streets and county roads, we invariably encounter problems: potholes, encroaching vegetation, mistimed traffic lights, signs in the bike lanes, whatever. And we complain about them – to each other, to the Coalition, to our family members and coworkers. But often we neglect to report them to the people who actually have the power to fix them! Maybe we don’t know who that actually is. Maybe we can’t stop at the moment because we’re late to work, and then we forget about it once we’re there.

Public works crews have a lot to do. They are driving around in trucks and they don’t see the road the same way we see it from a bike.  The more of us that report problems, the more likely they are to be fixed. If you make a report, and it isn’t addressed in a week or two, report it again!

If you put shortcuts to the Public Works departments in all the jurisdictions in which you habitually ride on your phone,  you can report things more quickly and easily – which means you’re more likely to actually DO it!  Here’s a quick guide:

SONOMA COUNTY has a mobile app, SoCo Report It. You have to choose which category of problem you’re reporting, then it uses the GPS in your phone to know where you are. You can take a photo of the problem as well. You can also look at previously reported problems. Not sure if your location is within city limits or the county? The app knows!

(NOTE: We’ve had reports lately about rural residents putting up “private/no trespassing” signs on county roads. When reporting this, use the category “Code Violation” as these are handled by Permit & Resource Management rather than Transportation & Public Works.)

SANTA ROSA:  MySantaRosa is not an app per se, but a web-based portal.  It’s a little confusing at first, as it gives you a list of phone numbers – why are you giving me phone numbers when I’m trying to report using your app?!? Has many similar features to the county program. The response emails are a little confusing.

ROHNERT PARK‘s app GO Request has a very clean and logical interface.

COTATI has an online reporting form for street  issues. It does not allow you to upload a photo or map.

PETALUMA‘s online reporting form DOES allow you to upload a photo and has an interactive map for pinpointing the location of the problem.

SONOMA‘s reporting form allows you to upload a photo, but you have to manually enter the location.

HEALDSBURG’s Request Tracker is a little clunky and requires you to create a login.

CLOVERDALE uses a similar app.

The following cities do NOT have an app or online reporting – you have to call the Public Works department. They may not answer if it is after business hours.

  • SEBASTOPOL:  707-823-5331
  • WINDSOR:  707-838-1009


updated 11/29/2021