How To Use the SMART Bike Lockers

During the SMART grand opening, we got to speak with a lot of bicycle commuters. There were quite a few questions about the bike lockers from folks who’d never used them before.

The bike lockers are operated by BikeLink and cost about five cents per hour.  Insert your card to open a vacant locker, put your bike inside, close the door, and you’re good to go – no one else can open that locker until you insert your card again to log out. At this time, the lockers require a BikeLink card; these can be purchased (with a $20 value) online, at the SRJC bookstore, or at BikePartners.  “Why,” you might ask, “can’t I just use my Clipper Card?” We spoke with BikeLink recently, and they are working on making this possible  with a target launch date of spring 2018. In the video below, one of our SCBC volunteers demonstrates how to use the lockers.