Biker Chicks

Calling All Women! Are you ready to discover or rediscover a love of bicycling? Come ride with us!
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The Biker Chicks are a group of women cyclists dedicated to getting more women out road riding. Rides are open to any woman who wants to join us!  

Our rides require registration. Check our Event Calendar for upcoming dates, and sign up for our mailing list to be notified when registration opens for future rides!

Our Rides: What to Expect

  • Bring:  your road-ready bicycle, helmet, water, ID, cash for lunch, a spare tube, patch kit, mini pump.
  • No chick is left behind! We always start off together and regroup many times throughout the ride. Some rides are meant for fitness, some are cruiser rides meant to be social and relaxed.
  • All routes have ride leaders and ‘sweeps’ to help you on the way. Our ride leaders are Amy Loukonen,  Anna Silveira, Barbara Phillips, Cherie Barnett, Cindy O’Grady, Cris Eggers, Christine Culver, Dawn Silveira, DeDe Seder, Karen Miller, Kris Culp, Laurel Green, Mary Jane Stimson, Nancy Cummings, Patricia Carreno, Peggy McCutcheson, Ruth Paternoster, Roberta Delgado, and Susan Noble
  • Rain cancels the ride. We are fair-weather riders out for fun, not to prove a point ;)
  • Ride locations are throughout Sonoma: Ride starting points vary all over Sonoma County, typically starting and ending at the same place.
    • Routes are planned based on terrain, road safety and projected weather conditions.
    • We usually stop at a restaurant or farmers market for an optional group lunch or drink.
  • Riders will always have Chick support, no matter what her riding speed.
    • Gateway- ride – an easy-breezy ride going 8 to 10 miles. Includes some helpful tips. Great for beginners or those who just want a short ride.
    • Easy-does-it ride – a shorter distance ride (typically 15 to 20 miles), and casual speed of around 10-12mph.
    • In-the-groove ride – a longer ride (25 – 30 miles) but still at a casual pace (moderate casual, 11-15mph)
    • Pick-up-the-pace ride – same route as In-the-groove (25 – 30 miles) but at a faster pace (14-17mph).
    • Keep in mind that we want all our rides to be as fun and as safe as possible. That is why we ask all Chicks to take the Bike Coalition’s Smart Cycling Class.

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Pre-Ride Checklist and Resources

  • A road-ready bike: Has it been a while since your bike last saw the open road? Drop it off at your local bicycle shop and ask for a Safety Check (about $30) or a Tune-up (about $85) and you will be good to go! Please come to our rides with working brakes, tires full of air, and a smile on your face.  :)
  • We ask that all Biker Chicks attend the Coalition’s Street Skills 101 class, which is offered monthly.
  • Join our mailing list at the bottom of this page to stay in the loop about ride locations and start times.

Why Join Us?

Women currently account for less than half of the people who who ride bikes. We want to change that! The Bicycle Coalition hopes that Biker Chicks rides provide a safe space for women to ride, learn, build confidence, and have fun!

We provide coaching and support for all women, whether you are:

  • New to group riding
  • Looking to learn or improve your road riding skills
  • Experienced in groups and just enjoy socializing

Become a part of the movement for better bicycling in Sonoma County! With the help of cycling enthusiasts like you we can grow the network of bike paths and bike lanes that keep our streets safe for everyone.

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About the Biker Chicks

Biker Chicks was started by Sonoma County 3rd District Supervisor Shirlee Zane.  Shirlee rediscovered her love of cycling and can be spotted most weekends pedaling the Joe Rodota trail or the County’s picturesque back roads.

Now she wants to share the joy of bicycling with you. Biker Chicks was founded in early 2012, with the first ride including more than 50 women.

Typically, we ride on the fourth weekend of each month, switching back and forth from Saturday to Sunday.

Want More?

  • Check out our Facebook Page.
  • Would you like a little one-on-one help with someone who can explain gears, lane position, or what to wear? Email for more info.
  • Street Skills 101 is highly recommended for all Biker Chicks. Find out more.

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