R.I.P. Mark Osborne

It is with heavy hearts we report that cyclist and SCBC member Mark Osborne died Thursday, May 20 from injuries inflicted by drunk driver Ulises Valdez Jr. on High School Road on May 12. He never regained consciousness after the crash.

His partner Tracy, referring to our Ride of Silence May 19, said, “His spirit was probably already there riding with you, on the last trail he ever rode.” A ghost bike has been placed at the scene, and we are in conversation with his friends about a memorial ride.

We are also in contact with the family of the boy who was injured, and are respecting their desire for privacy.

We are also staying in contact with the CHP and the District Attorney’s office and will be tracking the legal case. Last we heard, Valdez was still in the hospital. We will push for swift investigation and prosecution.

We will continue to update the cycling community as we get more information. We have received many emails and phone calls from folks wanting to help in some way. When and if there are opportunities for fundraising, etc. we will let you know! Here’s what you can do right now:

  1. Be an advocate. Our public policies and infrastructure will only change if enough people demand change! Report hazards and incidents. We are offering a free virtual workshop Bike Advocacy Basics this Wednesday, May 26 from 6:00-7:30 pm.
  2. Shower the people you love with love. Any of us could go at any time – on our bike, in a car, in our home. Take care of yourselves, your friends, your family, your neighbors. Spread love and joy rather than hate and cynicism.
  3. Keep riding. The more of us that are on the road, the safer we all are! Take classes to learn defensive riding, invest in safety equipment (lights, cameras, reflective gear, etc.) Educate your non-cycling friends about sharing the road safely and responsibly with us.
  4. Support advocacy organizations. Join and/or donate to organizations that work for improved road safety: Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, California Walks, whichever group out there speaks to you. There is power in numbers, and involvement in a group like ours can amplify your voice!
Mark on a MTB trip in Utah