Ride Your Bike in May and Win Prizes!

May is Bike Month! Take part in activities throughout the month and be entered into a drawing for a commute bike, bike gear, and other fun prizes to be awarded at our June 2 picnic.

How do you enter? Let me count the ways:

 Take the Pledge
Make a pledge to ride on Bike to Work Day and/or anytime during the month of May for one entry.

Join the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition
Anyone who becomes a member (or renews their existing membership) during the month of May gets an entry.

Enter the Bike Month Challenge
For many of us, tracking our rides can be a helpful motivational tool. In our Bike Month Challenge, you will log your rides throughout the Month of May. You will get points toward our Bike Month Prize Drawing based on both the number of days you ride and the number of miles. The Challenge uses the RideWithGPS platform. (If you’ve not used RideWithGPS before, you might want to set it all up before May 1!)

  1. Go to this link and click on Join Challenge.
  2. If you already have a RideWithGPS account, login. If not, you will be prompted to create one. (It’s free!)
  3. There are two ways to log your rides.
    1. Download the RideWithGPS app on your phone and use it to automatically record your rides.
    2. Login to your account on the web and manually enter your rides each day.

More Bike Month fun here.