Bike Rodeos

Community/Family Bicycle Rodeos are open-ended 2—3 hour “on-bike instruction festivals” for kids during the months of March-November. Bike Rodeos are FREE to participants and take place after-school or on weekends.

Kids learn while playing on bicycle skill courses that are set up on a blacktop with chalk and cones. A variety of stations are offered including helmet fitting and free bike repair by certified mechanics. Parents register kids on site, and are encouraged (but not required) to participate on-bike with their children. Participants may be as young as toddlers on scoot-bikes. Participating children receive a novelty bike license. Helmets are sold for an $8 suggested donation.

Requesting organizations are required to attend a pre-rodeo logistics planning session at least 2-3 months in advance of the scheduled event, provide at least 15 volunteers, secure a free blacktop space, tables, chairs, electricity, and bathroom access, and assist with promotion (including printing of promotional materials).

Email us at to inquire about upcoming rodeos.

If you would like to watch and learn what a Bike Rodeo looks like check out this Vimeo video taken by KRCB.


updated 06/29/2023