Planned Giving

When you include the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition in your estate plan, you are defending everyone’s right to safe streets and a healthy environment. Thank you for ensuring that SCBC can keep up our work well into the future.

Meet some of our current Legacy Donors!

Liz Sinna

Growing up in Marin County, SCBC member Liz Sinna was active and outdoorsy from a young age. She’s run marathons and ridden double centuries. She turned her love for activity and the outdoors into her work as a personal trainer (Get Fit By Liz). She even met her husband on a Santa Rosa Cycling Club ride! When asked what it is about cycling that feeds her, she says, “Freedom!”

While she has none of her own, Liz cares deeply about the health and fitness of all children and has been a volunteer coach with Girls on the Run. As she considered her estate plans, this desire to nurture kids led her to include the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition in her will.

Liz expresses admiration for SCBC’s Safe Routes to School Program, teaching children bicycle safety, providing helmets, and encouraging physical activity – helping them experience that same sense of freedom and independence that she so values. “Giving back to the cycling community in this way,” she says, “It’s just the right thing to do!”

Executive Director Eris Weaver

“As a lifelong environmentalist and political activist, leading the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition has been the most fulfilling years of my worklife!” says Executive Director Eris Weaver.

“Confronting climate change feels overwhelming – there are so many things going wrong and so many actions that need to be taken and so little time! Focusing on transportation – one of our biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions – feels concrete and important and DOABLE. I can see the results of our work in every new protected bike lane and every new rider.

When I was in public health school, we were asked to give a short speech on the biggest public health issue facing the country and my answer was a shortage of JOY. People who engage in unhealthy or violent behaviors are often trying to fill a lack in themselves that overeating, drug use, smoking, etc. can’t really fill long term. Riding my bike brings me joy every day and I feel so lucky that I get to help other people experience it!

I’m naming SCBC in my trust because our work is so important to me that I want it to continue even when I can no longer do it.”

JOIN ERIS AND LIZ in making a lasting contribution to future Sonoma County cyclists by checking out the links below. For further information, give us a call at 707-545-0153.