What to Do If You’re in a Crash

If you or a fellow rider crashes, is hit by a vehicle, or has a medical emergency while on a ride, do you know what to do? It can be hard to keep a cool head and take reasoned action when you’re in pain, but a little preparation can go a long way!

In a recent webinar we discussed what to think about BEFORE you head out; key items you should carry with you; and what to do during and after an incident in order to minimize the risk of a crash and increase the chances that if you crash you’ll have a better outcome.

We were inspired to put this together after sitting in hospital rooms and courtrooms with victims, friends, and family; and receiving many phone calls from folks AFTER an incident wondering what should do to gain legal & financial justice.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to view a recording of the session.


  • Consider first aid training
  • Consider insurance
  • Leave an itinerary/estimated return time


  • Cell phone
  • Personal identification, insurance card
  • Emergency contact info
  • Something to write with/on
  • First aid kit & “cheat sheet”
  • Consider video cameras


  • Negotiate or argue with the driver of the vehicle
  • Talk to insurance until you talk to a lawyer


  • Get somewhere safe
  • Call 911 immediately
    • Wait for police & file an official report
    • Get medical attention
  • Obtain information
    • Driver: name & contact info, CDL, insurance info, license plate
    • Law enforcement: contact info, jurisdiction
    • Witnesses: name, contact info
  • Preserve evidence
    • Don’t move bike, etc. unless necessary for safety
    • Take photos of injuries, your bicycle, skid marks
    • Don’t repair bike
    • Continue to document!


Download this info – including a first aid “cheat sheet” – in a handy format for carrying in your wallet or bag.

Take a first aid/CPR class (these instructors are all cyclists!)

Identification tags/bracelets

Attorneys (business members of SCBC)