Strategic Plan 2021-23


Riding a bicycle becomes an everyday activity for transportation, recreation and exercise throughout Sonoma County for everyone. Bicycling is considered a standard form of transportation by local governments and safe transportation options for bicycle riders are always included in decision-making. As a result, the people of Sonoma County enjoy healthier lifestyles, a cleaner environment and safe cycling choices.


The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition promotes healthy and safe riding for everyone through advocacy and education.

GOAL 1: Advocate for continual improvements to the transportation network to foster bicycling as a safe and fun option for all.

Strategy: Create multiple public bicycle advocacy teams across Sonoma County.

  • Action 1:  Mobilize 10-25 people to take action to support bicycling in each region.
  • Action 2: Identify and advocate for protected/separated bikeways where they are needed most to make bicycling safe and convenient for people of all ages and abilities.

GOAL 2: Ensure that the SCBC membership and program participants represent the diversity of Sonoma County

Strategy: Diversify volunteers, staff and board to increase representation and outreach to all segments of our community

  • Action 1: Bilingual community organizer will be hired to build relationships in underserved communities and encourage new and emerging riders to join our efforts.
  • Action 2: 10 percent of program participants will represent underserved communities.

GOAL 3: Build the power and influence of SCBC to secure long-term financial stability and broad community support to carry out its mission throughout the county.

Strategy: Implement a fundraising plan with measurable goals to increase and broaden income sources.

  • Action 1: Increase revenues 10 percent annually
  • Action 2: Increase membership by 5 percent annually

updated 08/10/2022