Ask Senator McGuire to Support Bike Parking Bill

CalBike’s Bike Parking in New Housing bill (AB 3153) will allow developers to reduce the amount of car parking spaces they have to provide if they replace them with bike parking and/or car-sharing spaces. It’s an important incentive to support biking, sustainable transportation, and affordable housing. But AB 3153 is in limbo in the Senate Local Governance and Housing Committee, and there’s no guarantee it will get out. 

Our voices on behalf of smart transportation and housing policy are especially important because we are represented in the California Senate by Mike McGuire, Chair of the Senate Local Governance and Housing Committee.  Senator McGuire’s support or opposition to this bill will determine whether or not it passes.

Please take this opportunity, right now, to send in a support letter to the Senate. It’s easy. Just download this letter, add your name, and deliver it to the Committee using this “Position Letter Portal.”  You’ll have to create an account which will take about one minute. It’s not as easy as a click-and-send email, but I promise you it’s much more effective, and it really does just take about two minutes.

(You CAN do a click-and-send email here, but writing is much more effective, especially since McGuire is OUR Senator!)