Action Alert: Contact Your State Senator!

On July 11, 2023, the California Senate Transportation Committee will vote on five active transportation bills, supported by CalBike and other advocates, that will make our streets safer for all:

  • Bicycle Safety Stop (AB 73, Boerner): The Safety Stop, already legal in several other states, allows people on bikes to treat stop signs as yields when the right of way is clear.
  • Daylighting to Save Lives (AB 413, Lee): This bill prohibits stopping, standing, or parking a vehicle within 20 feet of any unmarked or marked crosswalk, to increase visibility and reduce potentially lethal collisions.
  • Climate-First Transportation Planning (AB 7, Friedman): This bill requires state transportation agencies to incorporate the principles of the Climate Action Plan for Transportation Infrastructure (CAPTI) and the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in the project selection and implementation process.
  • Safe Sidewalk Riding (AB 825, Bryan): Part of our Biking Is Not a Crime slate, this measure allows bicycle riding on a sidewalk adjacent to a street that does not include a Class I, Class II, or Class IV bikeway. It protects pedestrians by requiring people on bikes to share the space responsibly and imposing a 10 mph speed limit on bikes.
  • Free Transit for Youth Pilot (AB 610, Holden): The concept of giving free transit passes to young people is gaining momentum, so we hope this pilot gets the governor’s signature. It’s a great way to give young people low-carbon mobility, support our transit agencies, and help young people build the habit of taking transit.

Send an email asking Senators  McGuire (707-576-2771) and  Dodd (707-576-2093) to vote YES on all five!