Driver in Amy Suyama Case On Trial

In September of 2016, three-quarters of the way into the Tour de Fuzz, Amy Suyama was killed on Eastside Road. Driver Courtney Rudin, who veered into her lane in order to pass a slow-moving truck, was charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.  After months of investigations by the CHP and the Sonoma County District Attorney’s office, Rudin is finally on trial for causing her death.

We have been in contact with some of Amy’s friends and sat through some of the testimony. The pathologist testified that her injuries were consistent with impact from a moving vehicle. Other lines of investigation have focused on things like whether the grease marks on her jersey were made by a truck tire or a bike tire, where were she and her companion located in the lane, and on and on.

We will continue to monitor the case. If you would like to observe the trial, it is in Courtroom 8 at Sonoma County Superior Court and starts at 1:30 pm each day. You can read press coverage of the case here and some of our previous writings about it here.