Driver Sentenced for Killing Cyclist

Yesterday we attended the sentencing hearing for Courtney Rudin, convicted of vehicular manslaughter for killing cyclist Amy Suyama during the Tour de Fuzz in 2016.

It was an emotional morning that at times took on the tone of a memorial for Amy, as her family and friends spoke about what they – and the world – have lost with her death. In discussing their feelings about Rudin’s sentence, they sought not vengeance, but remorse – asking that he take responsibility for his actions and apologize. Some called for him to be sentenced to community service, to somehow help educate others about traffic safety.

(We were mentally scripting the video PSA we would produce if somehow he were sent to us for community service!)

Judge Barbara Whelan summarized the facts of the case, and the evidence that his impatience and negligence caused this tremendous loss. Prosecutor David Kim spoke eloquently of his hope that this case inspires others to exercise greater caution on our shared roadways. Given Rudin’s age and deteriorating health status, we were actually surprised that he received as much jail time as he did.

After his August 21 conviction, District Attorney Jill Ravitch said, “We really hope this verdict serves as a notice to people who are out on the roads to be mindful of others, whether they are pedestrians, bicyclists or other drivers.”

This conviction would NOT have happened without the passion, persistence, and dedication of prosecutor David Kim and the whole team at the DA’s office. (Send ’em some love and gratitude!)

Now that this chapter is over, Amy’s loved ones can turn their focus away from the legal wrangling and focus inward to process their grief and loss in a more private manner. Our love and thoughts are with them all.

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