Safe Cycling Classes Save Money

It’s no secret that traffic tickets are expensive.

What you may NOT know is that just like you can often go to traffic school rather than pay a hefty fine for a driving citation, there is a similar local program for bicycling citations!

Tickets for  most bicycling offenses – running a stop sign, riding without a helmet, riding on the wrong side of the road – currently cost $197.  Here in Sonoma County you can take one of our Safe Cycling classes instead – at a much more reasonable cost of $10-20! (You do have to go to traffic court to receive this option – it is NOT printed on the citation itself.)

I recently spoke with a gentleman who had gone through this diversion program. He said that not only did he save money, he learned a lot about the laws that regulate cycling as well as techniques for safe “defensive cycling.”
Our classes are held monthly and are occasionally cancelled due to low enrollment…so if you receive a citation, contact us as soon as possible to sign up! You don’t need to have received a ticket, however, to benefit from these classes.  Check out our schedule here.