SCBC Staffer Run Off the Road

While on a training ride south of Petaluma April 23rd, SCBC Outreach Coordinator Cherie Barnett was run off the road by an SUV driver and went down in the ditch. She is pretty banged up but no broken bones, head injuries, etc. There is damage to her bike.

Her riding companions (husband Josh and SCBC Bike Champion of the Year Bill Petty) detained the driver (who was about ready to leave) until emergency personnel arrived. She took a trip to the ER. CHP officers interviewed everyone involved but declined to cite the driver at the scene.

(You bet we will be following up on this one!)

On the phone while recuperating at home, Cherie said, “SCBC is responsible for me being out there yesterday…but is also the reason I knew what to do at the scene!” She’s referring to a workshop and cheat sheet we created last year called “What to Do if You’re in a Crash.” She and her fellow riders did everything right – called 911, went to the hospital, etc. She urges everyone who rides to watch the video and carry a copy of the cheat sheet so you too are prepared!

Characteristically, one of her main concerns is that her injuries could prevent her from participating in the 100 mile fundraising ride May 13 for which they were all training. If you’d like to help her recuperate, it would make her happy to make a contribution to someone on our team. (Especially to her husband Josh!)