Support Protected Bike Lanes in Petaluma!

The city of Petaluma has been testing the use of parking-protected bike lanes on Rainier Avenue, and is looking for your feedback.

The demonstration project is part of a larger effort to slow traffic and decrease the number of collisions on Rainier, which has a speed limit of 35 mph and sees more than 6,000 cars a day across four travel lanes. As part of the demonstration, the city has reduced the number of vehicle travel lanes to three (two travel lanes and a center turn lane), and made room for a protected bikeway on the north side of the street. The south side of the street features a buffered bike lane.

Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition strongly supports greater implementation of Class IV protected bike lanes throughout the County. Protected lanes are safer and more likely to entice fearful folks to ride than Class II painted lanes!

Please share your opinions with the city. Petaluma staff expect to make their final recommendations on changes to the road this spring.