Take Action on State Cycling Laws

Ask Your Senator to Support AB 413

In many cities, drivers are allowed to park right up to a crosswalk line, creating a very narrow range of visibility for vehicles approaching the crosswalk. Drivers are more likely to hit cyclists or pedestrians when they have less time to see us approaching and yield the right of way. AB 413 (Lee) would change the California Vehicle Code to ban cars and trucks from stopping, standing, or parking within 20 feet of crosswalks. Called daylighting, this is a simple, inexpensive way to improve safety and save lives. Get more information and send an email to your State Senator here.

Urgent Action Needed: E-Bike Incentives Funding

Subsidizing the purchase of e-bikes is more cost-effective in reducing GHG emissions than subsidizing electric cars. California’s Electric Bicycle Incentives Project is woefully underfunded. The State must finalize its budget by June 30 Рmeaning there are only a few days left to ask your elected representatives to allocate $50 million for the project in the next budget.

For more on the California Bicycle Coalition’s legislative agenda, visit https://www.calbike.org/legislative-watch.