Team Bike Challenge Results Are In!

The May 2017 Team Bike Challenge has ended…the envelope, please!

Sonoma County’s first place team, with 2229 miles, is Pheidippides Project 5! Second place Sun Blinding HeadWinders rode a collective 1322 miles, followed by number three SSU IT/Infrstructure at 1029 miles.

Companies participating in the Team Bike Challenge are sorted by size. Sonoma County’s overall winning company, which also took first place in the Small Company category, is Marmot Mountain with a collective 3153 miles!

Local Medium Company winner Viavi Solutions also took third in this category in the greater Bay Area, with 2684 miles. The Large Company winner is Oliver’s Market with 2607 miles. Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District rocked the Extra-Small category with 926 miles.

And now, in the individual category, our Team Bike Challenge winners are….drum roll please…

Jorge Cruz, who rode a whopping 1025 miles to his first place win! Briant Smith placed second with 531 miles, followed by Devin Bailey with 502 miles.