Action Needed NOW to Save Broadway Bike Lanes UPDATED

A few months ago, with the encouragement of SCBC and many resident cyclists, the Sonoma City Council voted to direct Caltrans to put Broadway on a “road diet.” This would reduce the two car lanes to one lane each direction, and use the parking lane as a buffer between moving traffic and the bike lane.¬† Not only would this would be a great improvement in bike safety for those who ride in and through the city of Sonoma, it would be a shining example to the rest of the county! (You can read our past coverage of this issue here.)

This re-striping work was to have been done by now but has been delayed repeatedly by wet weather. The City Council has called a special meeting for TOMORROW JANUARY 12 to reconsider  its decision. The agenda is here.

(See also this article in today’s Index Tribune for more details.)

Please email the Council NOW and ask them to stick with the decision to re-stripe Broadway with a parking-protected bike lane. (Feel free to borrow bits from the letter we sent to the Sonoma City Council.) If you are free tomorrow at 4:30  attend the Zoom meeting!