Speak up for bike lanes on RP’s Adrian Drive!

With an eye toward slowing vehicle traffic on Adrian Drive, Rohnert Park is considering two plans to install protected bike lanes on the stretch of road between Southwest Boulevard and Arlen Drive near John Reed Elementary School.

The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition commends the city’s efforts to slow traffic on Adrian, and supports the city’s proposal to build protected, unidirectional bike lanes on each side of Adrian, seen in the diagram below. While this would involve removing vehicle parking from one side of the street, it also would provide the simplest, least confusing option for both cyclists and drivers.

SCBC does not support the city’s second proposal, which involves building a protected two-way cycletrack on the western side of Adrian. The cycletrack would be installed directly next to the curb, and vehicle parking would be moved outward to create a barrier between the bike lanes and traffic, similar to the first proposal.

SCBC typically opposes two-way cycletracks when they are installed on such a short stretch of road — in this case, about a quarter-mile between Southwest and Arlen, with no specific plans to extend the bike lanes further down Adrian. Cycletracks mean half of cyclists are moving against vehicle traffic, which can create confusion and potential conflict at intersections and driveways for both cyclists and drivers.

Additionally, cyclists coming from cross streets potentially would need to cross both travel lanes on Adrian to reach the cycletrack. And because this portion of Adrian Drive is so close to a school, the city needs to be especially certain that kids can ride safely in the neighborhood.

Share your thoughts about the proposals by following the QR code to a city survey, clicking on this link, or attend a community meeting on the proposals at 6 p.m. Monday, December 11 in the City Council Chamber, 130 Avram Avenue.