Advocacy Update, March 16-20

The Joe Rodota Trail was re-opened March 14, with little fanfare.

The COVID-19 pandemic has understandably taken center stage, as our public health system struggles to cope and the economy reels. We believe that our ongoing advocacy and visibility is at least partly responsible for the county’s Shelter in Place Order SPECIFICALLY stating that bicycling is allowed. Bicycle repair is also considered an essential service, and many of our local shops remain open in some capacity.  (It’s a good idea to call first.) Our local parks and trail remain open, and Sonoma County Regional Parks is waiving parking fees. Many cities are reporting significant increases in cycling, as social distance is difficult to maintain on subways, buses, and trains. (Will those who’ve started biking during this time continue when the crisis is over????) CalBike has published this guide to staying safe while cycling during the epidemic.

Speaking of CalBike, they are sponsoring a bill to bring the Dutch Reach to California driver education.  (Dutch drivers are taught to twist to the left and use their right hand to open their door, to see if a cyclist is coming and avoid dooring them.) Sign the petition here.