Investigation of Amy Suyama’s Death Still Underway


SCBC continues to mourn the loss of Amy Suyama as we work to learn more about the status of the investigation and ways in which we can help prevent future such tragedies from occurring.  

SCBC has learned that the investigation of Amy’s death is currently in the hands of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and has not yet made it to the District Attorney’s (DA) Office. The unfortunate string of recent fatalities on Sonoma County’s roadways has left the CHP’s investigation unit very busy. Therefore, we must continue to be patient as the investigation is being completed. 

The law states that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty and is entitled to due process. If a felony charge is to be filed, the DA has to have a very strong case (“beyond reasonable doubt”) that the driver was criminally negligent and acted with willful and wanton conduct that caused the death of Amy. As such, a complete and thorough investigation is essential.

We understand the emotions and frustrations surrounding Amy’s death, but please understand that the criminal investigation and resulting actions will take some time. However, be assured that we are not letting this issue rest. As the investigation continues, SCBC will continue to meet with law enforcement and representatives from the riding community to explore ways we can work collectively to increase safety on our roadways. We will keep you informed of these efforts as they evolve.

Additionally, a memorial ride in honor of Amy will be held in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned for more information.