Jensie Fondo Hit & Run Driver Arrested

On Saturday, October 7, while riding in Marin’s Jensie Gran Fondo, four men were were struck down by motorist Aaron Paff, who then fled the scene. Thankfully, the incident was caught on video by a passing motorcyclist.

All four cyclists were sent to the hospital and have since been released. The most seriously injured rider, Spencer Fast of Mill Valley, may suffer permanent loss of vision in his right eye and will require extended recovery.

The SCBC and the Marin County Bicycle Coalition were quick to put out a call to action asking local cyclists and others for help identifying and locating Paff. As a result the many tips received from the public, law enforcement was able to identify and arrest Paff on felony hit-and-run charges.

The case is still under investigation. If you have additional information regarding the incident, or have witnessed Paff driving dangerously or menacingly at other times, please report that information to CHP Investigative Detective Kevin Giannone at