Reporting Hazardous Road Conditions

Photo by Windy is licensed under CC BY-ND

Potholes, debris, overgrown vegetation, drainage grates, and malfunctioning traffic lights impact not only your riding enjoyment but your safety. Often these hazards go unnoticed by public works crews who are driving vehicles and thus don’t see the roads the same way we do.

The Resources tab on our website includes forms for reporting hazards, harassment, and problem traffic lights. Reporting these problems to us helps us track problem areas and we share the information with our contacts in the appropriate public agencies.  It also helps if you make a call to the public works department of the relevant jurisdiction (city or county). Both the County of Sonoma and City of Santa Rosa have mobile apps for reporting problems.

While of course we can’t guarantee speedy repair of any specific issue, the more of us that report a problem increases its likelihood!