Once Again, Judge Approves Extension for Jennings Crossing

The latest update on the long saga of the Jennings Avenue crossing of the SMART tracks in Santa Rosa is a HAPPY one! On September 2, 2021, Administrative Law Judge Debbie Chiv granted the City’s petition to extend the expiration of the permit to build the crossing to September 20, 2023. The matter will now go to the California Public Utilities Commission (which generally votes along with the ALJ ruling).  The ruling also acknowledged pending lawsuits against SMART related to
this project, and notes that “the Commission can take enforcement action against any regulated utility for failure to comply with a Commission decision” – cautioning SMART against continued obstruction.

This is a BIG win for pedestrians and cyclists in the Jennings neighborhood, allowing for a safe and speedy crossing of the tracks that bisect it without risking traffic on College Avenue or Steele Lane. Thanks to everyone who has written letters and signed petitions to help make this happen!

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