Success in Sonoma!

On August 2nd,  the Sonoma City Council voted to restripe Broadway, eliminating two vehicle lanes and adding parking-protected bike lanes. Thank you for your calls, emails, and public comment – OUR ACTIONS MADE A DIFFERENCE!!

(Email the Council and say thank you – gratitude goes a LONG way in future efforts!)

Caltrans will be repaving Broadway and last year asked the City for their recommendations regarding restriping. The Council initially voted for a road diet in April of 2020, then backed off after a rush of negative comment. After a pedestrian was fatally struck by a driver this spring crossing the 70-foot-wide street, the Council decided to reconsider the issue.

Caltrans has the ultimate authority over the decision. Sweetening the deal, the City Council’s resolution included appropriating funds to cover the additional cost incurred by the proposal.