Proposition 6 Bad for Cyclists

Voters across California this November will consider Proposition 6, which would cut taxes that were raised as part of a historic transportation financing package passed last year by the State Legislature. If approved by voters, Prop. 6 would slash funding for Safe Routes to Schools improvements across the state, and cut nearly in half the money available to cities and counties for local street and road repairs.

In the Bay Area alone, Prop. 6 would shrink funding through the state Active Transportation Program — used to finance Safe Routes to Schools projects and educational programs, as well as safety improvements like dedicated bike lanes, bike parking facilities and pedestrian countdown signals — by about $20 million each year. For local streets and roads, Prop. 6 would strip Bay Area cities’ and counties’ budgets by more than $200 million a year. These are funds used not just to fill potholes but to resurface and restripe roadways; and to install and improve sidewalks, curbs, gutters, storm drains, traffic signals and disabled-access ramps.

There is more to Prop. 6 than just the gas tax. Safety is on the ballot, too.