Protected bike lanes on North McDowell

Petaluma has become the third city in Sonoma County to build protected bike lanes in recent months. A row of green K71 bollards have been installed on a stretch of North McDowell Boulevard between Sunrise Parkway and Corona Road. There is also another short stretch of bollards further north on the road near Redwood Way.

The protected lanes are part of a project to repave North McDowell, and install other features such as pedestrian refuges to enable safer crossing. While the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition is pleased with the upgrades, we also look forward to continued improvements along the rest of McDowell, and hope the city will look at additional traffic calming measures and the possibility of extending protected lanes along the entire, busy corridor.

SCBC advocates for protected bike lanes as a key means of making cycling safer and more accessible for riders of all ages and abilities. Both Santa Rosa and Windsor have recently installed protected lanes in their jurisdictions.