Recent Bike/Auto Collisions

On October 15, German tourist Joschka Homann was the victim of a hit and run while cycling on Highway 1 near Sea Ranch. Local cyclist and SRJC student Sidney Falbo was killed in a collision with a truck at the corner of Stony Point and Highway 12 on October 30.  Last week, Ian Borden was struck by a vehicle as he biked across Highway 12. Law enforcement agencies continue to investigate each of these incidents.

We extend our sympathy and condolences to Falbo’s family as they grieve their loss, and to Homann and Borden as they recuperate from their injuries.

We will continue to fight for improvements to dangerous roads and intersections to make them safer for all. Falbo’s was the third fatality in the vicinity in six weeks; that stretch of Stony Point has been called out as a priority in the Santa Rosa Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan due to its high rate of traffic and collisions.

We continue to educate cyclists on safe riding strategies.  Riding against traffic, riding on the sidewalk, and crossing roads and intersections in violation of traffic rules all vastly increase the likelihood of a collision.

Please follow the laws, be visible, be predictable – be safe out there!