Santa Rosa’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Will Be Updated in 2018

The City of Santa Rosa is updating their Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and they want to hear from you! Your input will help the city review and prioritize plans for additional bike-ways, walkways, trails and pedestrian enhancements in our City.

The Plan Update 2018 is a critical tool in building a citywide transportation system that is bicycle and pedestrian friendly. The goal of the Plan Update is to encourage more residents to bike and walk.

Elements of the Plan Update include:

  • Existing Conditions
  • Bicycle Traffic Level of Stress
  • Design Guidelines
  • Bicycle Friendly Community Assessment
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Network Recommendations
  • Public Outreach

They have an online survey and an interactive map where you can click on various trails & roads and make comments. You can also attend one of their Advisory Board meetings.  Here’s an opportunity to weigh in on plans that will affect our city for many years!