Why We Do It

There are many satisfying moments that make me think, “YES! THIS is why we do this work!”

  • The sheer joy on the face of a child who just rode a bike for the first time.
  • A ribbon cutting for a new stretch of bike path.
  • The now dedicated bike commuter who took their first ride on Bike to Work Day.

Some of the “why we do it” moments are less cheery.

  • A fierce hug outside a courtroom.
  • A tearful “we’re so glad somebody remembers” as we pass a ghost bike on the memorial Ride of Silence.
  • The collective holding of breath as the jury foreperson prepares to read the verdict.

I attended court this morning to support the parents of a college student killed by a truck driver five years ago. To support justice for victims of vehicular violence. To push for changes in our transportation policy and infrastructure that will reduce the number of grieving mothers and fathers. To remember why this organization was founded twenty-three years ago. To remember why I do it.